Linea, a ZK rollup developed by ConsenSys, has garnered significant attention, raising an impressive $726 million and unveiling its mainnet to the public. Early participants on the testnet have been assured of rewards, indicating a strong possibility of Linea launching its own token in the future and conducting an airdrop for both early testnet and mainnet participants. What’s Linea? Linea stands as a type 2 zero-knowledge Ethereum Virtual Machine (zkEVM), which mirrors the Ethereum environment as a rollup. Developers can construct it in a way that is akin to the Ethereum mainnet. Linea offers users the flexibility to deploy any smart contract, utilise various tools, and develop as if they were operating on Ethereum. This grants users the familiar experience and security assurances of Ethereum, coupled with reduced transaction costs.


Reward Pool
to be announced
to be announced

Guide to receive this airdrop

  1. Connect Your Metamask Wallet

    Open Metamask and connect it to the platform.

  2. Obtain Testnet ETH

    Get testnet ETH from the provided source.

  3. Change Network to Linea's Goerli Test Network

    Switch Metamask network to Linea’s Goerli test network.

  4. Transfer Testnet ETH

    Use the Hop Exchange to send testnet ETH from Linea to Goerli.

  5. Conduct Fund Transfers

    Use Metamask to transfer funds between accounts.

  6. Explore Linea Uniswap Page

    Visit the Linea Uniswap page, execute swaps, and provide liquidity.

  7. Explore dApps on Linea

    Explore other decentralised applications on Linea.

  8. Anticipate Future Developments

    Expect a potential token launch and airdrop for early participants.

  9. Refer to Testnet Information

    Check additional testnet information provided.

  10. Eligibility for Metamask Airdrop

    Participate in activities to get a chance to be eligible.

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