Seth Green and Matt Colon speak about their NFT journey with the Edge of NFT 

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In the latest podcast from Edge of NFT, hosts interview Seth Green and Matt Colon about their NFT project Replicant X and their journey in Web3.

Replicant X is the new chapter of character X saga, created by Seth Green, Steve Aoki, Matt Colon, and makers of Robot Chicken. Besides holding the PFP NFTs, holders can participate in writing, designing, and storytelling.

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The Edge of NFT interviewed actor and producer Seth Green, along with the global president of music at YMU, Matt Colon. The two NFT devotees spoke about their newest NFT project, the Replicant X, created together with DJ Steve Aoki and Green’s comedy crew from Robot Chicken. The podcast hosts, Eathan, Joshua, and Zach, led a discussion on how the NFT project Replicant X came to life, how the TV stars began their journeys in Web3, the creator economy in Web3, and much more.

Replicant X, a part of the storytelling community of Dominion X, is the most recent chapter in the Character X saga.

Seth Green and his Stoopid Buddy Stoodios entering Web3

In the podcast, Green said he has always been interested in emerging technologies and how they relate to the entertainment industry. One of the perks of Web3 is taking advantage of immediate distribution: “Distribution is the main obstacle for most people trying to make a name for themselves, or any brand trying to get any kind of publicity,” Green said. 

The journey started with Steve Aoki and Matt Colon coming to Seth Green and his production studio and saying they wanted to create linear content on blockchain, which sounded intriguing to Green.

“There’s an immutable registry of data and information, and even if you’re just identifying NFT, or blockchain as a certificate of authenticity, the idea of being able to meet programming, or even open the door to some kind of collective ownership over any large scale IP. That’s all really interesting to me. So when they approached us, saying they wanted to make something, we all said, that sounds like a great idea.”

The actor said it was not a matter of “why not” but more of the “why.” The reason not to is that you can fail, NFTs are too expensive, and nobody’s going to like the project. Your career and reputation will suffer as a result, but Green believes “the why” is far more compelling.

“It’s the opportunity to be first in the space, and to set a tone for how this kind of thing should unfold, which I always think is really important: The tone of it is critical introductions of any of these kinds of technologies that bring people together or potentially rip them apart,”

he said in the podcast.

Community-based writing: evolving the characters and the storyline

The Replicant X holders help define and determine the personality of a specific PFP character from the collection, so the holders are collectively involved in the growth and evolution of each character.

Holders of Replicant X NTFs can also pitch their ideas to the Dominion X production team based on prompts provided by Steve Aoki and the Stoopid Buddy Stoodios team. The community can help improvise and shape the tone of the plot and the events of the story. The creators believe that this leads to an unexpected and exciting narrative outcome.

Matt Colon spoke about the integration with the Web3 platform Shibuya, which provides the opportunity for Replicant X holders to vote on story elements in each scene. Users can watch an animation and choose what happens next.

“Web3 was a different experience than everything else because everything else was sort of a pre-existing industry,”

Colon said.

Colon explained three main objectives that the team behind Replicant X is trying to accomplish: Number one, to grow the community; number two, to finance the first episode; and number three, to create characters that people can “flex and floss” and use for the substance of identity.

The Steve Aoki-inspired and Stoopid Buddy Stoodios’ hand-picked NFT collection of 4,000 PFPs has been up on OpenSea since September. 

The Edge of NFT is a podcast focused on exploring how the Web3 business works and how the new technology impacts our daily lives, especially how we interact. The podcast is available on Spotify and includes numerous interviews with well-known NFT figures.

You can listen to the full episode here.


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