Top Rated Launchpads of 2024

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Explore the full list of top cryptocurrency launchpads that are actively defining and shaping the blockchain landscape. Our team has developed a ranking system to evaluate each launchpad’s performance and potential, ensuring you never miss out on the best platforms. This list offers both investors and developers a comprehensive view of the most promising opportunities in the cryptocurrency industry. Check them out.

Launchpad name Current Project Native Token Supported blockchain Tags Hotness
$DOT Polkadot, Ethereum, BNB Polkadot, IDO
$GAFI Ethereum, BNB Chain, Arbitrum, Polygon, Sei, TON, zkSync, Bitgert, Core DAO Ethereum, IDO
$SLIM Solana Solana, IDO
$ATX Avalanche-C, Ethereum, BSC, Bitcoin, Solana ApeTerminal, IDO
$NOTE Ethereum, Solana, Polygon Private Investment, ICO
Dao Maker


Can any project be submitted to the launchpad pool?

If you want your launchpad to be listed, contact us at [email protected] with all the details.

Is it safe to participate in the launchpad?

When considering participating in token launchpads, it's crucial to be aware of the various risks involved. These risks range from regulatory uncertainties and the quality of the projects being launched to vulnerabilities in smart contracts and unpredictable market conditions. Other concerns include the potential for fraudulent activities, the cost of transaction fees (or gas costs), the conditions tied to the vesting periods of tokens, and the overall reputation of the launchpad within the crypto community. Given these risks and the potential for significant price fluctuations of tokens, conducting thorough due diligence before getting involved is essential. This helps ensure you take all aspects into consideration and can make more informed decisions.

Do I need to pay any fees to participate in the launch?

The fees vary across the platforms. You also should pay gas fees for every transaction operating on the Ethereum blockchain or any other network if it requires gas fees. Certain platforms may impose extra network costs for handling transactions on their network in addition to gas fees.

Is it possible to mitigate risks associated with participating in the launchpad?

To reduce the risks associated with token launchpads, do extensive research on the platform, comprehend the project and tokenomics, use a secure wallet, and check the projects for scams. These techniques guarantee that no investment is completely risk-free and assist in making well-informed investing selections.

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