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What is NFT Photo?

NFT Photo is a form of cryptocurrency that represents a unique representation of photo content, it can be art, photos, images, pictures and even memes.

A unique and non-interchangeable token is created to denote digital copyrights and property rights of the creator, for photographers this may include their photo images or video content, which is represented by a token and can already be monetized.

What is NFT Photo?

Understanding NFT Photo

Photography, like art, is an evolving medium.

In the context of paradigm shifts, for example, when cameras switched from film to digital, those who were accustomed to the old methods proved to be the most resistant to changes.

Today, photographers upload content to many different platforms to earn money.

Stock photography websites are a popular place to earn extra income, but the fees aren’t that great.
Social networks are also popular, but they can be full of deception (for example, trolls and bots).
Photographers fall in love with likes and followers, even though some of these accounts are fake or non-organic.
NFT is mostly based on organic interaction, since in fact it involves people who have funds (in cryptocurrency) and who are willing to spend them.

Some photographers may think that their work is no good, and minting NFT would be a waste of money.

On social networks, all a photographer can get is a like or comment to express appreciation. When a fan actually buys a photographer’s work, it has great value, since it can also be verified using blockchain.

This is what NFT can provide to photographers.

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