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By placing wagers, gamers may gain Blast prizes and cryptocurrency tokens using the point system that YOLO Games has created. For those who have bridged to Blast, it is now accessible. Users who have previously bridged to Blast will get the BOOST currency based on the number of connections. Play to get them. YOLO Games has not yet disclosed the token price. At the end of Season 1, the points will be exchanged for money and Blast Gold.

What is YOLO Games?

Welcome to the cutting edge of on-chain gaming, where the focus is on rewarding degens for their efforts. Every action you take earns you points, pushing you higher up the leaderboard. To move forward, complete daily tasks, achieve significant benchmarks, and aim for a big prize at the end of each season. The more you play, the greater your rewards—dive in and claim your share of the action in this dynamic on-chain journey.

Notes from the platform

The coin on Blast Mainnet has not yet been launched. Beware of scams! Read Metaverse Post to receive more insights and news.


Reward Pool

Guide to receive this airdrop

  1. Access the Airdrop Page

    Visit the YOLO Games Early Access Airdrop page to kickstart your adventure. Ensure that you’re connected to the Blast Mainnet network to proceed.

  2. Engage in Simple Social Task

    To dive deeper into the YOLO community, follow @YOLO_Blast on social media platforms and join the YOLO Games Discord community. Stay tuned to announcements and participate in discussions with fellow players. Engaging with the community not only enriches your experience but also opens doors to potential rewards.

  3. Claim Your BOOST Airdrop

    Once you’ve completed the social tasks, it’s time to claim your BOOST tokens. Match your Blast deposits with the corresponding BOOST tokens. These tokens serve as your gateway to the YOLO Games ecosystem, unlocking various benefits and opportunities.

  4. Play YOLO and Unlock Season 1

    Now, immerse yourself in the exhilarating YOLO game. Utilise your entire initial BOOST balance to participate in this on-chain, winner-take-all game. Remember, the more you play, the larger your head start in Season 1. Make every move count as you navigate through the game’s challenges and competitions.

  5. Refer Friends (Optional)

    As an additional avenue for rewards, consider referring your friends to join the YOLO Games community. By doing so, you’ll receive 20% of the points they accumulate, as well as 5% of the points earned by their referred friends. Share the excitement of YOLO Games with your peers and reap the benefits together.

  6. Convert BOOST Tokens to Points

    To ensure eligibility for future airdrops and rewards, convert your BOOST tokens to points by wagering them on the YOLO Games platform. This conversion mechanism not only amplifies your participation but also aligns with the ecosystem’s dynamics, fostering a vibrant gaming environment.

  7. Stay Active and Earn More Rewards

    Your journey with YOLO Games doesn’t end with Season 1. Continue to interact with the platform, participate in games, and engage with the community to accumulate more points and unlock additional airdrops. The possibilities are endless, and the rewards await those who embark on this thrilling adventure.

  8. Claim Your YOLO Tokens

    At the culmination of each season, your accumulated points will be converted into YOLO tokens. Ensure to claim your tokens promptly to seize the rewards you’ve earned throughout your journey. Stay informed about upcoming seasons and airdrops to make the most out of your YOLO experience.

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