Porsche first NFT collection to be released in January 2023

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Porsche will launch its first NFT collection in January 2023

The collection will include 7,500 digital assets designed by 3D artist Patrick Vogel

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Luxury automobile manufacturer Porsche is set to launch its first NFT collection. The company teased its Twitter followers for months and finally revealed the news on November 29. 

To start, the brand renamed its Twitter handle to “eth_porsche” and announced the upcoming release of the non-fungible token collection. 

The collection aims to explore blockchain technology through NFTs, blending the physical and the digital worlds. Porsche invites fans to join the exclusive community of pioneers and co-design the future of the company in Web3.

Designed by 3D artist Patrick Vogel, the collection will include 7,500 Porsche NFTs. There will be over 150,000 design combinations of the brand’s renowned model 911. Holders will be able to create their own 911 NFTs by unlocking one of the combinations. 

The minting starts in January 2023. Following, token owners will have the opportunity to shape the NFTs’ designs by choosing one of the stylistic directions: Performance, Lifestyle, or Heritage.

The company has not announced the NFTs’ price yet, and invites individuals can now join the company’s Discord server for updates.

“The NFT artworks enable us to take our understanding of modern luxury and the unique brand positioning of Porsche into the digital world,”

said the Member of the Executive Board for Sales and Marketing, Detlev von Platen. 

Automobile manufacturers, just like high-end fashion brands, are entering the Web3 space to increase community engagement and attract new audiences. This year, among the companies that have released NFT collections, is Italian car manufacturer Lamborghini, which auctioned a supercar NFT developed in partnership with DJ Steve Aoki and Krista Kim. In August this year, the company also released an NFT collection dubbed “The Epic Road Trip.” 


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