What’s AltLayer?

Founded in Singapore in 2021, AltLayer is a decentralized open-source technology. Any rollup stack offers the Restaked rollup utilizing AltLayer, which improves safety, distribution, connection, crypto, and financial speedy closure of current rollups.

In order to create a distributed system and bootstrap network safety, rested rollups mix the power of EigenLayer’s restaking procedure with the ease of spinning up rollups using rollup stacks.

Who Are the Founders of AltLayer?

The founder of Alt Research and AltLayer Network is Dr. Yaoqi Jia. He is a skilled coder with a focus on blockchain and online security.

What Makes AltLayer Unique?

Blockchain development is made versatile and easy to use with AltLayer’s support for a variety of rollup stacks, data layers, and connections. More individuals can now use blockchain technology thanks to its user-friendly interface, which enables anybody to set up and start their blockchain initiatives without requiring extensive technical knowledge.

How Many Coins Are There in Circulation?

Circulating supply: 1,100,000,000 ALT

How Is the AltLayer Network Secured?

Several SDKs are being used to construct a large number of rollup solutions, both optimistic and ZK. Numerous rollups are more compact, application-specific solutions for certain apps or specialized markets. These tailored rollup systems have difficulty guaranteeing decentralized verification because of their modest size. The main issue here is that they frequently lack a sufficient number of validators to provide adequate safety levels. AltLayer’s tool suite handles this challenge and other frequent issues with rollup platforms.

Where Can You Buy AltLayer?

You can buy ALT on various exchanges, such as Binance, Coinbase, and Kraken.

What’s next on AltLayer?

Although VITAL and MACH plan for a mainnet launch with EigenLayer AVS and support for OP Stack, the testnet will include Polygon CDK with alternate data availability methods in the second quarter of 2024. Along with implementing alt staking, AltLayer will also enable support for Arbitrum Orbit through the VITAL and MACH testnets. AltLayer plans to enable EigenLayer AVS and Arbitrum Orbit for the mainnet launch by the third quarter, along with non-EVM rollup compatibility.

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Project Overview

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