What’s GMX?

With low exchange costs and little effect on trade prices, GMX is a decentralized exchange that provides both spot and perpetual trading. It is distinguished by its exclusive multi-asset liquidity pools, which are monetized via leverage trade, swap expenses, and market-making to supply investors with money. GMX uses combined price data from high-volume exchanges and Chainlink Oracles to guarantee precise and flexible pricing. 

Who Are the Founders of GMX?

An unknown group that may have previously worked on XVIX and Gambit Finance established the platform. Despite the team members’ anonymity, this history points to a depth of competence in the decentralized finance and trading spheres.

What Makes GMX Unique?

GMX makes use of a well-balanced liquidity pool to enable a variety of trading activities, including leveraged positions and spot transactions. The ecology of the network is centered around $GMX, the native governance token, which facilitates driven communities’ decision-making. The original team operates anonymously, which adds to the platform’s appeal despite their notable background in comparable DeFi initiatives. With its unique team and state-of-the-art technologies, GMX stands out in the decentralized financial market.

How Many Coins Are There in Circulation

Circulating supply: 9,475,182 GMX

Where Can You Buy GMX?

You can buy GMX on various exchanges, such as Binance, Coinbase, and Kraken.

What’s next on GMX?

X4, an additional AMM that would bring completely customizable liquidity pools to support fresh initiatives, encourage interoperability, and enable liquidity aggregation in other DEXs, is one of the upcoming advancements envisioned in the roadmap.

Project Overview

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Project Overview

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