What’s Aevo?

Modern, scalable, and highly performant, Aevo is a decentralized derivatives exchange that specializes in options and perpetual contracts. Custom EVM roll-up, which settles on Ethereum, is the foundation upon which the platform is based. Aevo uses an off-chain order book to match users quickly and effectively, while smart contracts are used to fulfil and pay on-chain transactions. With this hybrid method, the security and transparency of on-chain settlements are combined with the speed and flexibility of off-chain transactions.

Who Are the Founders of Aevo?

The co-founders of Ribbon Finance, Julian Koh and Ken Chan, rely on strong academic backgrounds and a wealth of industry experience. Their previous employment at Coinbase, a well-known exchange, gives them a great deal of credibility in their current jobs and allows Ribbon Finance to benefit from their firsthand knowledge of the cutting edge of the sector. Their academic accomplishments, together with this, make them an impressive team that propels innovation and dependability at Ribbon Finance.

What Makes Aevo Unique?

Aevo provides aeUSD, a return-bearing investment with an annual percentage yield on stablecoin deposits of 4.75%. Theta Vaults, Earn Vaults, Treasury Vaults for capital management, Over-the-Counter and Request-for-Quote trading, and Margin framework are just a few of the unique features it provides. Since Aevo’s Spot Swaps function makes it simple for users to switch between well-known cryptocurrencies, it offers a comprehensive solution for a range of cryptocurrency trading and investing requirements.

How Many Coins Are There in Circulation?

Circulating supply: 110,000,000 AEVO

How Is the Aevo Secured?

Reputable security companies like Trail of Bits and Quantstamp have thoroughly audited the system’s smart contracts. In order to improve the platform’s overall safety and reduce the chance of flaws, these audits entail a thorough inspection of the code to find and fix any potential flaws.

Where Can You Buy Aevo?

You can buy AEVO on various exchanges, such as Binance, Coinbase, Kraken and others.

What’s next on Aevo?

Aevo plans to deploy its platform and airdrop $AEVO tokens within the first quarter of 2024. Incentives for trading on the Aevo Exchange, the release of Aevo Strategies for fresh trading strategies, the debut of a spot and derivatives Request-for-Quote (RFQ) platform, and staking for $AEVO token holders are all planned for the second quarter. Aevo intends to expand its ecosystem to ensure sustainable growth and community participation while concentrating on enabling permissionless installations on its Layer 2 (L2) network in the third quarter.

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Project Overview

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