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Get to know the Eden app!

Eden is a free application where users can mark wild edible plants on the map. In many countries there are more than 1000 species of such plants, as well as nearly 1500 varieties of edible mushrooms. In the Eden app, you can also mark water sources. They will be tested to determine whether the water obtained from them is suitable for drinking. The creators also express their willingness to fight against littering the environment. Therefore, Eden facilitates marking wild garbage dumps. Their coordinates will then be  reported to the relevant municipal units. The Eden app plans to organise actions and competitions to clean up such places.

Who can benefit from the Eden app?

The Eden application addresses the needs of the contemporary man who does not have herbal knowledge. Such knowledge exists, but it is scattered all over the Internet and very often is presented with false and even harmful advice. Eden consolidates only reliable facts in one place. The application is primarily directed to people who want to prepare their own medicaments from local herbs and discover where to find them. It will also benefit users who are trying to get wild food, but do not have knowledge of identifying and locating them.

The Eden app aims also at other target groups, such as:

  • people who focus on healthy food without preservatives
  • people interested in natural medicine
  • people who want to spend more time outdoors
  • parents who want to educate their children about nature
  • people who want to save money
  • social media users who want to show beautiful, natural views and treasures of nature collected by themselves

Such a large and diverse target group, as well as currently rising inflation and cost of living, make the Eden application a desirable and attractive solution. Diverse promotional channels will make it possible to reach many recipients and encourage them to use this innovative project.

What are the features of the Eden app?

The Eden app makes it easy to gather wild food and to prepare it to eat, as well as to make medicines for various conditions. It is not required to have specialised knowledge – full knowledge base is already integrated into the application.

The Eden app features:

  • marking wild edible plants on map and precise navigating to those using GPS navigation
  • verification of plant species from photo taken by smartphone using AI algorithm
  • Wild Pharmacy knowledge base which allows you to learn how to make medicaments from wild herbs
  • recipes with full list of required herbs for curing various conditions based on given symptoms
  • contacting local food producers
  • foodsharing among Eden users

The Eden app also has a “Marketplace” function. It facilitates connecting Eden users with local farmers, who will be able to mark their farms on the map and present their offer. In addition, this function allows you to sell surplus wild food or invite other people to harvest fruit from your own plot.

The idea behind the Eden app

The mission of the Eden application is to educate the public and provide users with a tool containing old and proven knowledge combined with new technology. This will enable effortless acquisition of wild edible food, as well as gaining knowledge and independence in the field of herbal medicine. By using the Eden app, the user receives aggregated expert knowledge and establishes a direct relationship with nature and gets to know it from the best side. At the same time he cares about his health and well-being, surrounding himself with nature. This makes Eden one of the greenest projects based on blockchain technology.

What connects the Eden application and blockchain technology?

The creators of the Eden application plan to initiate a new trend of Discover to Earn using blockchain technology. It will form the basis of the tokenomy and the international expansion plan. An Eden user who marks an edible plant on the map will be rewarded with Edencoins – the native cryptocurrency of the Eden blockchain.

As part of the development of tokenomics, the creators of the Eden project took care not to duplicate the errors of the M2E (Move to Earn) trend. One of the disadvantages of this rewarding method is the excessive supply of tokens.

The Eden application introduces a number of optimizations in this area:

  • Users of the application will mostly be people who have no knowledge about the mechanics of cryptocurrencies. Such people do not have their own cryptocurrency wallets, and therefore they will not generate as much token supply as was the case with M2E. The Eden user will be able to spend the received Edencoins on products in the internal online store. It will be also possible to purchase a subscription that will extend the functionality of Eden, including additional features and educational courses in the field of health and herbs.
  • Every day, about 25% of the profits from the Eden application will be spent on the redemption of Edencoins from the market. They will fund the Discovery Fund, from which prizes will be issued in subsequent regions of the country and abroad.
  • The issuance of the token will be regulated by Paid Zones – areas where prizes in the form of Edencoin will be awarded. These zones will be located in the largest cities due to the largest number of recipients of the Eden application.
  • Every day some coins will be burnt (token burn). This aims to remove some of the Edencoins from circulation to reduce supply.
  • The application will implement the FIAT – CRYPTO module. It will enable the purchase of Edencoins for fiat money. B2B services (Business to Business) and B2C (Business to Consumer) will be more profitable for Edencoins payments.

The benefits of wild plants

In the era of processed food, artificial fertilisers, genetically modified food and rising prices, the collection of wild plants is associated with many benefits.

Here are some highlights:

  • Unlike its store counterparts, wild plants contain up to several dozen times more nutritional values, vitamins, minerals, phytocompounds, polyphenols and carotenoids. For example, in a wild rose there is 15 to 30 times more vitamin C than in lemon.
  • Wild plants are an excellent alternative to conquering the market supplements. The bioavailability of these substances still arouse a lot of controversy, because they are isolated compounds. The bioavailability of wild herbs is much greater and they are much richer in valuable nutrients.
  • Wild plants are not genetically modified and are not grown on over-cultivated agricultural land.
  • Wild plants are not fertilised, watered with pesticides, preserved or waxed.
  • Wild plants are used in the oldest known medical systems. Chinese medicine can be used as an example.
  • The collection of wild plants is associated with care for nature. At present, much is said about the alarming condition of the over-cultivated soil on the planet. Land that is not a cultivated field is fertile – plants grow themselves, are not watered and fertilised. It is the best choice for health and care for future generations.
  • The unquestionable benefit of collecting wild plants is free access to them. The only investment is the time spent in the bosom of nature.
  • A trip to the environment of nature is a huge benefit and pleasure. Contact with nature reduces stress, calms and soothes the nervous system (as an example, essential oils contained in plants are contributing here).

Combining the wisdom of the ancestors with new technology and A.I

The problem of the current generation is that we do not know to identify local plants, we do not know where they could be found and what health benefits they have.

That is why we use A.I. to identify plants from the photo and verify the correctness of plants marked on the map by users.

EdenCoins will be used in the process of plant identification.

In the initial version, we will focus on identifying edible plants. In the future, we will extend the function to include other plant species.


As you can see, this project shapes up well. We are excited about its further development. We are happy to have another initiative that combines the cryptocurrency industry with the promotion of a healthy lifestyle and care for the environment. We will keep an eye on the progress of the Eden team and keep you up to date.

For more information about Eden, visit the official website at:

Additional technical knowledge and further plans of the creators of this project can be obtained from the Eden Business Document at the following address:

greenpaper ENG.pdf


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