Steve Huff, Managing Editor

Steve Huff was previously Weekend News Editor for Android Police and before that Deputy Digital Editor for Maxim magazine. He has written for Inside Hook, Observer, and New York Mag. Steve is the author of two official tie-ins books for AMC’s hit “Breaking Bad” prequel, “Better Call Saul.” He’s also a classically-trained tenor and has performed with opera companies and orchestras all over the Eastern US. He lives in the Greater Boston Metro with his wife, educator Dr. Dana Huff.

Vittoria Benzine, Reporter

Vittoria Benzine is a Brooklyn-based art writer and personal essayist covering contemporary art with a focus on human contexts, counterculture, and chaos magic. She contributes to Maxim, Hyperallergic, Brooklyn Magazine, and more.

Agne Cimermanaite, Journalist

Agne is a journalist and writer with a background in literature, culture, and arts. She entered the Web3 space in 2021 and began writing about cryptocurrency and NFTs. Agne is passionate about technology and storytelling and is always on the lookout for exciting stories.

Karolina Gaszcz, Journalist

Karolina is a writer and journalist with a background in literary studies. She loves exciting tech solutions and art, and NFTs are often a perfect amalgamation of the two. Outside of work, she’s a plant mom, a vintage fashion enthusiast, and a gamer.

Valeria Goncharenko, Journalist

Valeria is a writer and creator, passionate about Web3, marketing, and fashion. She dedicates her spare time to photography and art direction and has recently minted an NFT collection.

Danil Myakin, CEO

Danil is a seasoned Crypto and Tech entrepreneur. He holds an MBA degree and acts as a Venture Fund partner.

Damir Yalalov, General Manager

At, Damir is the SEO/Product Lead. Damir has been driving traffic for prospective startups for over four years. He is particularly interested in SecureTech, Blockchain and the financial sector. Damir graduated with a bachelor’s degree in physics. He also holds Google Ads qualifications.

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