VR Glasses

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Image from Lenovo Smart Glasses demonstration
Image: Lenovo

What are VR glasses?

Virtual reality (VR) glasses allow users to experience a simulated environment. You can use a computer or smartphone to create a VR experience or utilize glasses created with the necessary hardware like graphics chips and the requisite software.

VR glasses are more streamlined than goggles like Meta’s Oculus Quest and can be cost-prohibitive, so they are currently used more often in industrial and academic settings.

Different types of VR glasses are available, but most tend to work the same way. Users wearing them can see and interact with a virtual world entirely or with augmented reality (AR), which overlays digital objects in the real world.  

Understanding VR glasses

VR glasses offer an immersive experience not possible with other forms of media. They allow users to feel like they are in the virtual world, which can be exciting and fun. However, today they are often used for more serious purposes such as training or education.

VR glasses are typically less bulky than goggles. This makes them more comfortable to wear for more extended periods. In addition, some have better visuals than goggles, with higher resolution screens and more realistic graphics. Virtual reality glasses may also have additional features such as sensors that track your movement in the virtual world, creating a more immersive experience.

Evidence suggests that using VR glasses for extended periods could lead to problems such as eye strain and headaches. However, the technology is so new that more research is needed to determine how widespread or isolated these issues could be.

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